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Kiss to a Shout is a zine prayerbook you can carry in your pocket, printed on handmade paper. 12 prayers to nestle into, to play with, to understand on your own terms. A genuflection to […]

I’m Not Ready is an anthological zine examining the care, complications, and contradictions of having an abortion or elective miscarriage. Each cover was screenprinted, the first half of the zine contains six accounts of firsthand […]

this is mona // changa, a zine of film photographs paired with vignettes of my observations being mixed race yet white passing. In it I discuss genizaro lineage (descendants of native slaves sold to Hispanic colonizers in the […]

I hosted a workshop called “The Unfolding: Strategies for the Production and Release of a Zine” in May 2020 for Los Angeles Zine Fest. I divided this multi-step process into six phases, first step looks […]