I hosted a workshop called “The Unfolding: Strategies for the Production and Release of a Zine” in May 2020 for Los Angeles Zine Fest. I divided this multi-step process into six phases, first step looks at how to generate zine content and identify a project’s values and purpose (such as lo-fi or hi-fi presentation possibilities, narrative structure varieties, and more). The second phase in the process is the creation of a fully fledged physical mock-up (printing by hand versus using Adobe InDesign) before moving to the third phase which is planning for mass production- how many zines should I print and what supplies do I need? After a zine has been printed en masse, a zine launch is in store! This means planning a zine launch and marketing the zine’s release in conjunction with a launch event. The last part of the process involves identifying where the zine can be shared/carried and what the long-term prospects and needs of the zine are- should I run another printing? Should I approach a publisher about printing it under their imprint? Does the zine need a successor and/or alternate versions- digital or audio? This resource is accessible by any skill level, certain segments will be more accessible than others for beginners, but the concepts explored are good for all DIY publishers to consider.